Our Mission

Consistent with our program philosophy and goals, our mission is to provide a stimulating learning environment where life time learning begins.

Our Services

We would like to clarify that although we are located on the University of Lethbridge campus, we are not affiliated in any way with the University. Our program is privately run on a lease agreement with the University of Lethbridge. That being said, we consider our program very fortunate to be situated within such an inspiring learning environment. We understand that high quality programming of a campus daycare is expected by the parents of children who attend the daycare, as well as by the many students and faculty who have made a long term financial commitment to the construction of the facility. In response to this expectation, our program explores various on-campus programming opportunities for both our staff and children. For information and to sign up, please visit University of Lethbridge On-Campus Daycare, or call 403-332-4064